McLaughlin Strickland Elementary


McLaughlin Strickland Elementary

April Construction Time Lapse Video

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Project Details

  • New instructional two story wing that includes:
    • eight classrooms
    • two collaboration / flexible learning spaces
  • The new instructional wing will be approximately 21,000 sq. ft. when complete.
  • Minor interior renovations to expand library and to add office space.
  • Other miscellaneous items identified through the comprehensive facility assessment, including identified safety and security renovations.

Current Status: McLaughlin Strickland Campus Addition

Estimated Completion: October 2019

This addition was paid for by 2003 Bond funds (bonds were subsequently retired with Farmers Branch TIF funds). As of May 29, 2019, the foundation and floor slab are complete. Concrete walls are complete. Block wall is 90% complete. The second floor over the storm shelter was poured this week. All steel structure members are on-site.

Current Status: McLaughlin Campus

Completion: May 2019

Demolition of McLaughlin Primary campus is complete. All that remains to finish is landscaping and irrigation. This project was paid for by the General Fund.

The District moved all students across the street to Strickland Elementary and changed its name to McLaughlin Strickland Elementary in the Fall of 2018. McLaughlin Strickland Elementary will house students K-5th grade. In addition, a new addition has begun at McLaughlin Strickland for additional classroom space. McLaughlin Strickland Elementary now houses a Spark STEM Academy for all students.

The construction manager is currently working on the foundation and plumbing rough-in for the new two story instructional wing

Brief History of McLaughlin

Built in 1959, McLaughlin Elementary School was originally named Webb Chapel Elementary. In 1967, it was renamed in honor of its first principal, Ray McLaughlin. For almost 60 years, the campus saw thousands of students walk through its halls and built many memories over the decades for students and staff. Some former students even found their spouses at McLaughlin. Students last walked down its hallways in the spring of 2018. 

The campus held a final walk through for alumni on May 22, 2018 for those who wanted to take photos or just reminisce over familiar surroundings of their youth.

Estimated Date of Completion

McLaughlin Demolition – May 2019
McLaughlin Strickland Addition – October 2019

Renovations to McLaughlin Strickland Elementary will be paid for with Farmers Branch TIF funds. Therefore, the project is not included in this bond.

The TIF funds will provide for the following renovations:



  • Spark STEM Academy Improvements
  • Collaboration rooms
  • Exterior Upgrades
  • Interior upgrades
  • Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, systems upgrades
  • New marquee
  • Landscaping improvements
Safety and Security

Safety and Security

  • Access control and cameras at selected exterior doors
  • Bollards and hardened shell at main entry
  • Fire sprinkler system upgrades


  • Secure and climate-controlled server space at each campus
  • Cabling
  • Wireless upgrades
  • Phone system upgrades